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A new studio in Spring

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

A move, more art to make and flowers to inspire me.

Tea with a view

1st November 2018

I recently moved my studio from my shop in Newborough to my newly renovated home workshop and what a great time of the year! As you can see I still have a few screens to find a home for inside but it looks like a studio for sure. While sitting outside having a cuppa and getting inspired, the cats join me. Never had that before. I have always have a studio away from home.

Where it all started.. last century

My first studio was at arc Yinnar in 1984 which was an old converted butter factory. I stayed there for eleven years. It was wonderful times with lots of artists working there and of course we were all a lot younger. But, it was cold in winter and a little further from home than I wanted so I left the camaraderie of arc and set up in a shop in Newborough where I stayed for twenty years. Well, I did moved once a few shops down but I was in the same road. Just recently my shop sold and the rent went up so I decided the time was right to move to home.

Time to market differently

I now need to bring the people to home. At the shop my visitors and customers just dropped in. I now need to invite you here and also get out more. Markets, Open Studios and so on.

At my shop however, I wasn't always open because I was off teaching workshops or speaking to clients so a home studio may not be so different after all!

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