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Crazy for cyanotypes

Wet cyanotypes have been all I've been working on and experimenting with lately. I have of course been collecting all the wonderful plant matter that is around at the moment. You have to get in while the season is here. Well, these particular wet cyanotypes have a little more colour than your usual cyanotype which has variations of blues and white with whatever stains you can add. I am referring to salt, tea, paprika, and tumeric. These create intriguing colour variations depending on how long the cyanotype has been left to sit so to speak. This time I added very small grains of sodium carbonate, or commonly known as washing soda. Don't add too much or it will turn everything yellow! I've shown a pic of one exposing outside with little too much sodium carbonate and I also added too much vinegar just to top it off! All good as it was a learning experience.

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