Sharon Anderson



Phone: 0409436268

Facebook: Sharon Anderson Artist

Instagram: artfxsharon

Professional info

Sharon has been working as a practising artist and business person since the mid 1980’s when she had a small studio at arc Yinnar. She ventured out on her own and spent twenty years in a shop/gallery in Newborough.  In 2018 Sharon set up a large studio at her home in Moe where she continues to produce her artwork,  gift range and other printing projects. 

Work experience

Art-Fx Sharon Anderson - Business  


* Sharon has successfully and continuously run her small arts business since the mid 1980's . Screenprinting garments and gift lines has been an underpinning part of her business. Early on designing and handprinting posters played a large role in the business. As time goes on businesses evolve and now adult education and passing on her skills to others plays an important role in Sharon's art business.



Adult education

Pastel drawing

Adobe Illustrator

Arc Yinnar - Workshop Coordinator 

​2016 - present


* As part of the community arts role at arc, the Workshop coordinator organises art workshops at the established access studios using the skills of artists both local and further afield.

2010 - present
2010 - present

Adult Education art teacher 

​1991 - present


* Sharon has worked as a teacher in various art roles from teaching art to people with intellectual disabilities Mainstream Artworks, Indigenous artists Yakuna Dreaming via RMIT, to teaching screenprinting to prisoners at the local correctional centre.


* All through this time Sharon has taught short Adult Education Workshops in screenprinting, pastel and painting.


* There have been projects involving children including murals at Traralgon Secondary College and the ‘Cow’ mural with Yinnar and Boolarra Primary Schools.


Masters of Visual Arts Federation Uni​versity GCAD 2016-2018

Certificate 4 Workplace Asse​ssor Training RMIT 2004

Diploma of Visual Arts GIAE 1982