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Experimenting with new brushes and techniques

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

On a new track to new art

All awash with paint, brushes and feathers!

Since I started studying in 2016 I’ve really enjoyed experimenting with different mediums and checking out what other artists are doing too. I had been watching quite a few artists make their own brushes and I liked the various marks they made. I started doing the same.

I have collected lots of feathers because I love the variety of marks they leave, from fine lines to thicker lines all in the one stroke.

“Feathers leave a variety of marks”

In some of my paintings I have found that using pieces of cloth dipped in acrylic wash made really interesting marks and could cover large areas really quickly. Of course wearing gloves is a really good idea! I even liked the spatters and splashes they made too.

Experimenting is good fun and looking at other artists work is a good idea.

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